• MacDill beating the heat with innovation

    It is 5 P.M. and you have been outside on a hot and humid 105-degree day for 12 hours. All you can think about is being able to go inside and feel a cool breeze from the air conditioning unit in your car and house; imagine if you did not have to go inside to stay cool.Aiming to allow military

  • Paying the bills: 6 CONS deployment exercise

    Mission support comes in all shapes and sizes, from all offices and units. Efficient processes come with a price and contracting Airmen happily pay those bills and sometimes do so in extraordinary conditions.

  • Speed wins: MacDill contracting awards 100k in swift fashion

    In order to compete in the future, innovative ideas to improve fleet readiness must reach the warfighter quickly. In order to do just that, the 6th Contracting Squadron hosted its first ever Pitch Day Aug. 1, 2019, where local small businesses proposed innovative ideas to help increase overall base

  • Fortune favors the bold, not the reckless

    Over the last decades, the Air Force became a force increasingly concerned with not losing rather than winning. A risk-adverse organization stunts its own ability to become innovative and agile from its largest commands to its most fundamental organizations. The Air Force’s recent focus on

  • MacDill contracting adopts new system to better serve joint family

    Change is inevitable, but sometimes change is for the best, especially when it means the ability to procure anything and everything -- from toilet paper to runway updates to KC-135 Stratotankers -- faster.The 6th Contracting Squadron is responsible for purchasing nearly everything on the