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There’s no way around it: our children are significantly better off with strong science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics skills. That’s why S.T.E.M. and S.T.E.A.M. education programs are so important. At the heart of MacDill’s STEAM Day, is the students and the exhibitors.

If you would like to bring your class to tour MacDill AFB and the 70 Exhibits that will be on full display, please fill out this form and follow the directions. When we have processed your application, you school/class will appear in the “Schools Attending” block. Click here for Application

If you would like to participate or exhibit some of your STEAM skills or exhibits at our event, please use the form below. As we process your application, your group will appear under the “Exhibitors” tab to the right. Click here for Application



Q1. Will lunch be provided? A1. No. Schools/groups attending STEAM Day will be responsible for providing their own lunch accommodations.

Q2. Is there a chaperone to student ratio number we need to be aware of for the event? A2. On MacDill's side, there is no standard chaperone-student ratio. That will be determined by individual schools/groups. Security Forces will be present to ensure no guests wander into restricted areas such as the flightline.

Q3. Is there time during the three hours for the students to eat lunch (I know lunch is not provided, but didn't know if there was time in schedule for it or if it was better for students to eat after the event)? A3. There will be a designated lunch area for students to eat lunch at the discretion of how/when each school group wants to take lunch.

Q4. Will transportation be provided to the hangar? A4. No. Schools/groups are encouraged to consolidate in a single vehicle/bus to drop students off at the hangar. Drivers will be shuttled to and from the hangar to the designated parking area.

Q5. What gate should we use to enter the base on STEAM Day? A5. Schools/groups will use the main gate at the south end of Dale Mabry Highway. 

Q6. Is STEAM Day open to the public? A6. No. Only organizations pre-approved will be able to attend. To submit your group’s application to STEAM Day, please go here to sign up.

Q7. What do guests wear to STEAM Day? A7. Comfortable clothing is encouraged. Closed toed shoes are required to reduce risk of injury in and around static aircraft displays, machinery, and other technology displays. 

For specific questions regarding STEAM Day, please contact 6 AMW Public Affairs by email at by phone at 813-828-2217.



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Re-check for updates once the event date gets closer!


Wednesday April 22, 2020
MacDill Air Force Base