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  • 6th SFS outlines base access for food delivery services

    Effective Mar. 6, drivers affiliated with commercial food delivery companies, including but not limited to UberEats, Grubhub, and DoorDash, are allowed access onto base once vetted through a criminal history database at the Dale Mabry Gate.

  • Around MacDill: Important places

    AICUZAntiterrorismBX - MacDill ExchangeBase phone numbersCommissaryDavis Conference CenterEconomic Impact statementEnvironmental6th Force Support Squadron6th FSS: Military Personnel FlightGate Operations informationHurricane informationLegal OfficeMacDill Thunderbolt6th AMW HistoryMacDill

  • Assistance Programs - Employment Assistance

    Employment Opportunities The Airman and Family Readiness Center offers employment and transition assistance to spouses/ family members of active duty, reservist, retirees, and DoD employee through the Employment and Transition Assistance Programs. Spouses/family members seeking employment in MacDill

  • Assistance Programs - Health Care Special Needs

    Exceptional Family Member Program The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is mandatory for all family members who have been identified with a special medical or educational need. Enrolling in the EFMP ensures that the family member's medical needs will be considered during the assignment

  • Assistance Programs - Relocation Assistance

    Programs and Services While moving is always stressful, your stress can be drastically reduced if you take full advantage of the information, education, and personal assistance provided to you by the Relocation Program. This is the place to find answers and get referral to other installation

  • Base Phone Numbers

    Base Operator (813) 828-1110Base Locator:Air Force (813) 828-2444Army (813) 827-6910Marine Corps (813) 827-5875Navy( 813) 827-5875Visitor Reception Center (813) 828-2737Legal Office (813) 828-4422Chapel (813) 828-3621Pass and ID (813) 828-2278Housing Office (813) 828-3166Airman and Family Readiness

  • Community Relations

    Community Relations programs enable commanders to enhance airman morale and readiness and public trust and support. Air Force personnel involved in the communities where they live become front-line ambassadors for the Air Force. The 6th AMW Public Affairs office conducts several community relations

  • Davis Conference Center

    DAVIS CONFERENCE CENTERThe Davis Conference Center is the premier location in the Department of Defense for organizations to host conferences, meetings and seminars, large or small.The center is conveniently located just 7.8 miles from downtown Tampa and provides the comforts necessary for a

  • Davis Conference Center Frequently Asked Questions

    Davis Conference Center7633 Bayshore Blvd.MacDill Air Force Base, Fla 33621Comm: 813-828-6600 or DSN: 968-6600Fax: 813-828-7061 or DSN: 968-7061Frequently Asked QuestionsIf you do not find the answer to your question on this page, please call the Davis Conference Center at (813) 828-6600 or  email

  • Eagle Eyes

    Every citizen, military or civilian, can have a positive effect in the ongoing war on terrorism. The Eagle Eyes program is an anti-terrorism initiative that enlists the eyes and ears of Air Force members and citizens in local community against the war on terror. If you observe any suspicious