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  • Flight of the ‘Question Mark’

    Editor's note - This is the first article in a series on air refueling, marking the 80th Anniversary of the Question Mark refueling and the tankers' important role in today's operations. On Jan. 1, 1929, a tri-engined Fokker C-2 aircraft with a crew of five climbed into the southern California sky. This aircraft, dubbed the "Question Mark," was not
  • MacDill Airman takes on Buc on the Madden gridiron

    Senior Airman William Palizo knew a pass was coming, so he loaded his defense with defensive backs and ran a cover three out of a quarter formation. The snap came, followed by, sure enough, a pass. Airman Palizo's defense was there to pull out the interception in the last couple of seconds to end the game with a win. His opponent for this game,
  • Graveyard shift gets it done

    It's said when the sun goes down the creepy, scary things come out to play. That's when the unidentified noises can be heard and the unexplained movements can be seen. One group of Airmen could care less about the myths, or the folklore, they get the job done. These are the men and women who work the graveyard shift ... many of them wouldn't have
  • The legend of the Fire Station 1 ghost

    MacDill's firefighters are used to being startled. It's just the nature of the emergency responder business to be jolted from a dead-sound sleep into the world of the living by an alarm bell. But there is nothing natural about being jolted by a visit from the dead, something some say happens from time to time at MacDill's Fire Station 1. The
  • New 6th Force Support Squadron coming to MacDill

    History will be made Nov. 14 when the 6th Mission Support Squadron and the 6th Services Squadron will combine, merging into one squadron which will be redesignated as the 6th Force Support Squadron. The merger streamlines 12 flights into five and will consist of nearly 800 enlisted, officers, civilians and contractors. This integration is in line
  • MacDill AFB Education Center helping Team MacDill get educated

    Whether you're working on that math class for the Community College of the Air Force degree or trying to fight through your research paper for English Lit, don't despair, you don't have to fight that battle alone. There are resources available right here for all Team MacDill members in the form of the Base Education Center. The education center is