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  • Making Time for Your Airmen

    Editor's note: Chief Master Sgt. Thomas Mazzone is now the 2nd Bomb Wing command chief, Barksdale Air Force Base, La.No matter how often somebody states that time goes quickly, and to make the most of the time you have, generally speaking people tend not to consider those statements with much seriousness. I've been an Airman for almost 24 years.
  • Flightlines Submission: Analog Leadership in a Digital World

    In today's military, every service member is a leader, and we all live in a "digital world." Look around any gathering of people; most of us are online with some form of computer or electronic device the majority of time we are awake. At home station or deployed, portable electronic devices and tablet computers are "necessary" for reviewing
  • There I Was...

    There I was...making a mad dash with my co-pilot to the dining facility to grab food for a mission with an unknown duration. We had just been alerted and told to standby for our take-off time. This wasn't my first time being deployed to The Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan; I had been there earlier that year in the spring. As a boom operator on
  • Choices

    Each day we make choices. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross states, "I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime." In making decisions about my own career and family planning, I have been reflecting on this topic and challenge you to do the same. Force
  • There I Was...MacDill Airman 'thankful' for experience

    I was fortunate enough to be afforded the opportunity to join my brothers and sisters in the Middle East less than a year after I graduated basic training. Eight months after arriving at MacDill, I was not only anxious and excited, but confident in the training I had received early in my career; ready to support the global mission.Leaving MacDill
  • There I Was...Life as a force protection team member

    There I was standing with pillow in hand, backpack strapped, duffle bag in the dirt by my side, and in my view were tents, more dirt and all new faces around me.Actually, let's rewind two months back to my home base.I recall the day I got my tasking clear as ever...It was another beautiful morning at the 6th Medical Group and I had just finished a
  • Use of urgent care centers and emergency rooms

    How well do you know the benefits available to you through your Tricare plan? Some insurance directives are specific to your local military treatment facility. Through past experiences, our population has grown accustomed to having all expenses related to medical care, prescriptions and tests paid, not giving too much thought to seeking urgent care
  • Are You Prepared

    Every day, every hour, and for the most part, every minute we have a decision or choice to make. We strive to stimulate a culture of responsible choices throughout the Air Force. In our wings and squadrons, we stress the importance of making responsible choices, both on the job and away from the work centers. As leaders, we remind people during
  • Family Day at USCENTCOM

    When I first heard about the U.S. Central Command leaders opening the doors to the headquarters April 18 to host families of USCENTCOM during the first ever Family Open House, I couldn't wait to show my family what makes this headquarters a unique place to work.After months of planning, hard work and preparation with directorate representatives,
  • Professional Development - It's Everyone's Responsibility

    The U.S. Air Force requires much of us these days, and members of our profession of arms are busy meeting these demands. We must ensure we're not too busy to ignore our responsibility of continually developing each other. Mentoring, feedback sessions and counseling are all forms of professional development, often leading us to the thought that it's