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  • When Stealing is OK

    My name is Colonel Pat Miller, and I am a professional thief. I have been doing it for 19 years, and I’m not worried about being caught.
  • Great night’s sleep naturally

    Under normal circumstances, the typical American is under constant stress to perform at home and work. In our world, we don’t deal with the “typical” American.
  • Dating and Violence Should Never Be a Couple

    February marks the month of love. In February, many of us celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day of amour, in the French vernacular. How would you recognize or define love? What are key healthy elements that are important in maintaining safe, respectful and nurturing relationships? Is it a once-a-year event for you or a lifestyle commitment?
  • Innovation steeped in tradition

    The first weekend in November, my son and I traveled to West Point to watch the Air Force Falcons play the Army Black Knights – the hockey games were our agenda Friday and Saturday evening with football sandwiched on Saturday afternoon.
  • The art of communication – practice makes perfect

    Communication is an art, a skill that needs to be exercised and practiced until mastered.
  • Healthy holiday eating

    Food is everywhere during the holiday season, making it tough to stick to your healthy eating and exercise habits. However, with a little attention, you can make it through the holidays without losing track of your healthy lifestyle.
  • My favorite season isn’t summer, it’s tax season!

    Tax season is around the corner and hopefully soon you will receive a nice hefty chunk of cash back from all your hard work this year. MacDill Air Force Base offers two locations for you to get your taxes done for free. Services are provided for active duty, retirees, spouses and dependents with proof of a valid military identification card.
  • 310th Airlift Squadron continues a proud heritage

    Heritage, or the collection of an organization’s traditions, is what makes us proud to be part of that organization. Celebrating our heritage and honoring our traditions sets the U.S. military apart from its civilian counterparts and reminds us that we are part of a unique team with a distinguished history.
  • 6th Logistics Readiness Squadron builds partnerships, improves mission effectiveness

    Over the past three months, members of the 6th LRS Traffic Management Office and Small Air Terminal sections have worked hand-in-hand to improve Team MacDill’s CDF. The team was tasked with revamping the CDF in order to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the process so it could be sustained throughout the years.
  • Opportunities and choices

    I am a firm believer that life is about opportunities and choices. Each day you are presented with numerous opportunities.