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  • What you need to know about Fluoride?

    MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. - You have probably heard about the importance of brushing and flossing in order to maintain a healthy mouth. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends brushing twice daily for at least two minutes (yes, two minutes feels like an eternity) and flossing at least

  • The Flu Virus and What You Need to Know

    Every year during flu season, staff are flooded with inquiries concerning the flu vaccine such as; “I’m a healthy adult why do I need the flu shot?” or “Every year I get the flu after receiving the flu vaccine.” Here are a few answers to those questions and concerns you may have.

  • Resilience through hard times

    Asking for help is resilient. It is a sign of strength, and it can be the difference between a hopeless dilemma and a workable problem. Reach out! Do not be afraid to allow others to help put the rug back under your feet and give you the traction you need to live the life you want.

  • Preventative measures to avoid landlord, tenant disputes

    For military members, transitioning to a new area due to a permanent change of station order can be challenging. It takes time to research the new area and a place to live that matches one’s needs. This may result in entering into a lease agreement that a member may not fully understand or agree

  • MacDill Command Cyber Readiness Inspection soon to kickoff

    MacDill Air Force Base will undergo a Command Cyber Readiness Inspection, or CCRI, from August 28 – 1 September. This inspection is a thorough evaluation of compliance with Department of Defense and U.S. Cyber Command directives by the Defense Information Systems Agency, on how well the installation

  • MDG offers cataract surgery options

    Cataracts affect about 25 million Americans and can cause blurry, cloudy or dim vision, as well as glare and halos at night. This condition can also lead to a significant decrease in a person’s ability to perform daily activities in a safe manner. A cataract occurs when an individual’s natural lens

  • Co-Parent guidelines: Child relocation during PCS

    For military members with children in Florida, a Permanent Change of Station may present some legal issues relocating a child between two unmarried parents if one of the child’s parents will not be moving to the new location.