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  • The secrets of the giant golf ball

    Usually on the running path down to SeaScapes, on the beach, people see the giant white golf ball on the southern end of base and ponder its purpose. Is it the reason that cell phones continue dropping calls? Do they get free cable TV? Are they communicating with aliens? The answer to these provocative questions is no. So what does the golf ball
  • The Tank Perspective

    "As Airmen, we are so focused on completing our jobs to the best of our abilities that sometimes we give ourselves tunnel vision, and we only see our piece of the pie instead of seeing our overall impact to the mission," said Senior Airman Caleb Cano, a type 3 hydrants operator with the 6th Logistics Readiness Squadron.What Cano is explaining is
  • The true meaning of 'Service before Self'

    Being in the military requires sacrifice; one Air Force couple knows this all too well.Capt. Timothy Krystosek, a budget analyst assigned to U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, and his wife, 1st Lt. Lauren Krystosek, a weapons and tactics analyst assigned to the 86th Fighter Weapons Squadron at Eglin AFB, Florida are both
  • There I was...: A combat medic who saw a share of combat

    There I was, on an eye-opening deployment. I thought as an Air Force medic I'd be working at a theater hospital. I found out it would not be the case for this deployment. Before leaving the states, I attended three months of training to prepare myself for combat operations and convoys. I landed in Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, during the end of May
  • There I was: a new adventure

    There I was, an Airman thinking I was going on a normal Air Force deployment--normally a couple weeks of training and then four to six months in theater. Usually we are grouped with a few other Airmen in the same career field and everyone is doing their normal job. A provincial reconstruction team's mission is the exact opposite of this.For me and
  • Through Airmen's Eyes: The jumpsuit gun wielder

    For Airman 1st Class Eric Martinez from the 6th Maintenance Squadron, a pearl white jumpsuit, a futuristic facemask and a high pressure chrome finished gun--are all perks of the job.Martinez is an aircraft structural maintenance technician whose most recent tasking was to throw a fresh coat of anti-corrosion paint onto a set of KC-135 wheels. "I
  • Through the eyes of an Airman

    Education, traveling, patriotism; these are just a few reasons people sign the line and make the oath to defend their country.
  • Through the lens: MacDill's Leadership Shadow Program

    Approximately 16 Airmen from MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, have experienced the Air Force through the eyes of the 6th Air Mobility Wing command chief, Chief Master Sgt. Matthew Lusson, as part of the Leadership Shadow Program since Jan. 7, 2015. This program gives top-notch junior Airmen and officers an opportunity to shadow Chief Lusson and Col
  • Tips on choosing, using and caring for mouth guards

    Did you know that 95 percent of all football concussions are transmitted through the lower jaw to the brain? It's been estimated that during any single season an athlete participating in a contact sport runs about a 10 percent chance of experiencing some sort of orofacial injury. This totals to more than 5 million teeth being knocked out each year
  • Tips to keep cool (part II)

    When the temperature soars and humidity rises, it's time to take precautions to avoid dangerous health consequences such as overheating, heat stroke and overexposure to the sun. With the 101 Critical Days of Summer in full swing vigilance is key. Always remember to watch for signs of overheating and heat stroke in those most susceptible such as