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  • Speech to the veterans: Remember 9/11--We stand for freedom

    Remember 9/11: we stand for freedomSpeech to the veteransGood morning ladies and gentlemen, and veterans from across the area. Webster's dictionary defines "patriot" as one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.It is an honor to be surrounded by so many patriots in

  • Spreading fitness throughout MacDill

    "I had just had a child and was out of shape," said Ofelia McCray, 6th Force Support Squadron personal trainer, when asked what made her want to be a personal trainer. "Feeling fat and ugly, I started working out."When McCray saw the results she was getting she wanted to help others accomplish that

  • Spring is time to start thinking fire safety

    Spring is here and it is time to put away the seasonal decorations, and prepare for summer activities. Spring-cleaning is an annual ritual for many people and the ideal time to check our homes and yards for dangerous materials, unsafe conditions and ensure our families are safe from potential fires.

  • Staff Sergeant LEAPs on opportunity to use native tongue

    Born and raised in Nizhnekamsk, Russia, Anastasia traveled to the States as a young adult with the intention of only staying a year to improve her English, However, one year quickly turned into two, and before she knew it, she enlisted into the U.S. Air Force."I've always wanted to use my ability to

  • Stand Out Female: Boom Operator

    During a late-night flight over Afghanistan, Airman 1st Class Crystal Cash steadied her hand and readied herself to carry out what she had been training to do for the last year. On top of it being her very first solo flight as a boom operator, Cash was preparing to refuel a B-1 Lancer in inclement

  • Stand Out Female: MWD Handler

    "After two weeks of spending time with him, Alex finally recognized me," said Senior Airman Ashley Wendler, 6th Security Forces Squadron military working dog handler. "I was no long just his trainer, but he now saw me as 'mom.'"Since being assigned as partners, 25-year-old Wendler from Baltimore,

  • Stand-Out Female: Combat Arms Instructor

    "If I wasn't patient then they wouldn't have any confidence," said Staff Sgt. Demenica Vick, 6th Security Forces Squadron combat arms training and maintenance instructor.As the only female in her combat arms shop, Vick has taken her experience as a single parent to help her better train service

  • Stand-Out Female: NCOIC of Debrief

    As a high school graduate, Lissa Nelson, from Atwater, California, didn't have any set goals for the future. Although she had enrolled in some community college classes, she stopped attending school after a short period of time. This made her parents angry since they were paying for her education,

  • Stand-Out Female: Phoenix Raven

    Sometimes the second job choice turns out to be a better career decision. For one Airman, enlisting in the Air Force as security forces instead of her first choice, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape specialist, lead her to becoming part of an elite team of Airmen known as the Phoenix

  • Stay Fit, Stay Safe; tips on biking for positive results

    Fitness is very important not only for military qualifications but also for individual health. As the emphasis on being physically fit grows so does the number of people we see in the MacDill AFB fitness center and on the running paths. The number of bicycle riders on the base has risen as well. I