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  • Resiliency fair coming to MacDill

    Cirque du Resiliency Fair promises lots of fun and entertainment, with squirt gun fights, water slides and tasty barbecue, but the core theme of the July 2 event is serious business.With suicide rates in the military at an uncomfortable high, the focus of the MacDill Health and Wellness Center

  • Resiliency the key; training gives Airman tools to bounce back

    It's not about what life deals you that matters; it's about how you deal with life.That old saw is at the heart of the new Master Resiliency Training program at the First Term Airmen Center, an effort to teach young Airmen to be ready for what life and service may throw at them, and gives them the

  • Ride program aims to get Airmen, family home safe

    Drinking and driving don't mix, but without a ride, the temptation for Airmen to get behind the wheel just to get home can be mighty tempting.Preventing that mistake is what the new Joint Services Against Drunk Driving organization is all about. All you have to do is call, 828-RIDE (7433).The

  • Right place, right time: Airman saves lives

    March 7, 2020, started off as a long day, coming home from working during the Nuclear Operational Readiness Exercise, Tech. Sgt. Lowery was on his way southbound over the Alafia Bridge in East Tampa. As he drove closer to the base of the bridge, a car and motorcycle collided, and for the next two

  • Round by round 6th SFS enhances firing proficiency

    “The line is ready, shooters standby and threat.” On the word of threat, security forces members engage their target and begin unleashing all of their training, round by round into a target dummy.

  • Running the Distance

    Typically, running long distances is an acquired taste for most people, but for Master Sgt. Matthew Mancuso, U.S. Central Command commander's administrative staff manager, it's a way to getaway, stay in shape and physically challenge himself."I run to stay in shape as well as to remain focused and

  • SAAM: MacDill is all in

    On April 1, 2014 at MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., members of Advocates for Sexual Assault Prevention MacDill came together and hung teal ribbons around the junior enlisted dorms to commemorate the beginning of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.April is the designated month for SAAM, and this makes the

  • Sacrifice: Balancing family and service

    Deployments are a reality many military couples must face. These tours can take military members across the world for an extended period of time with limited communication back home.

  • Salvia off limits to Airmen; illegal substance in Florida

    Col. Lawrence Martin, 6th Air Mobility Wing commander, recently issued a policy regarding "Use of Intoxicating Substances, Other than Alcohol." This policy mentions the misuse of the herbal supplements Salvia divinorum, and Spice by military personnel. This order prohibits all US Air Force personnel

  • Say Cheese!

    Airman 1st Class Derek Finster, 6th Dental Squadron dental technician, wanted a clear advantage over his peers when the time came to prepare his Senior Airman Below-the-Zone package. His strategy was to earn his Dental Assisting National Board certification."I always had intentions of [earning it]