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  • In the wake of the storm: one team, one fight

    As headlines raced across television screens around the country, Florida families packed up their children, pets and whatever memories could fit into their cars to flee north onto crowded roads filled with millions of others seeking safety.

  • MacDill retiree perseveres, becomes bodybuilding pro at 57

    Last year, she continuously trained and competed all around the United States. This year, on July 19, 2017, she kept at it and after the USA Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, she finally earned the title she had been striving for - an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB)

  • Multilingual ATC Airman sets sights for diplomacy

    Throughout the world, the universal language of aviation is English. However, one Airman at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, has been honing his fluency in multiple languages since birth.Staff Sgt. Dhanajay Patel, an ATC watch supervisor-in-training assigned to the 6th Operations Support Squadron,

  • From Friends to Wingmen

    “It’s funny…” they both said as they looked at each other and broke out into laughter. “I didn’t like him at first,” she finished while he nodded his head in agreement.

  • Emergency Management ensures Air Force maintains optimum readiness

    When planning for an emergency, coordination is important. These types of situations take many forms. Be it a hurricane or weapons system discovered nearby, each situation requires everyone affected to be equally prepared.The Air Force, as well as the Department of Defense, never hesitates at the

  • Initial success or total failure: EOD Airmen

    Civil engineer Airmen can possess many different duty titles. From firefighters and pest management to surveyors and electricians, CE jobs require a “safety first” mentality.For Explosive Ordnance Disposal, safety and proper training can be the difference between life and death.They are one of the

  • Camera to microscope: Airman plants roots for Air Force career

    Peering through a scope, she identifies her target and prepares to execute her mission-- repair the patient’s tooth and alleviate pain. With focus, she extracts the dental pulp, replaces it with expert precision, and fills the tooth to ensure its preservation. Thus is the life of an endodontist, a