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  • MacDill air traffic control: Training effectively and efficiently

    In today’s military, air support has revolutionized the support and defense of the U.S. To keep that support running safely and effectively, air traffic controllers, those who monitor the air space, continuously train on systems like the Tower Simulation System, so they are ready for whatever comes

  • New four-legged Airman leads SAPR program at MacDill

    Therapy can come in many different shapes, forms, and sizes. For some, attending counseling helps during troubling times. For others, meditation helps ease the mind. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response team at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, has implemented a new kind of therapy.

  • Perseverance: An Airman’s road to the Air Force

    “We were planning on driving through Mexico in a day,” he said, recalling the day he and his family packed everything they owned into a car and headed north in the pursuit of a better future.

  • Jump qualified; Airborne ready

    Adrenaline kicks in and excitement begins to rise. The Army sergeant gazes 1,250 feet below as he prepares to jump out the back door of a C-130 Hercules aircraft. As his excitement turns to fear he pushes past, and concentrates on the task at hand. He steps forward and hurls himself toward the

  • Camera to microscope: Airman plants roots for Air Force career

    Peering through a scope, she identifies her target and prepares to execute her mission-- repair the patient’s tooth and alleviate pain. With focus, she extracts the dental pulp, replaces it with expert precision, and fills the tooth to ensure its preservation. Thus is the life of an endodontist, a

  • Dedicated to her country; dedicated to the mission

    Crowds of people forced their way through congested streets. As they hustled and bustled off to wherever they were heading, there was almost no sky overhead. The massive skyscrapers where people lived in small living quarters towered above. For one young girl, this is where she was born and raised;

  • Serving the mission: even after retirement

    Upon entering the room, customers are greeted with smiles and laughter. The volunteer veterans are there to help; their age embodies their experience, and their love for their country apparent in their continued service. The stories they share provide a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to those who