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  • Take care of your wingman, have a plan

    Summer is here again, and with warmer weather it is not surprising that many will begin spending a lot of time outdoors. As people go out and enjoy barbecues and summertime parties, sometimes alcohol will be involved.

  • Molding yesterday’s trainees into tomorrow’s Airmen

    In the early hours of darkness, the sound of reveille routinely rings throughout Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Trainees spring out of their beds to begin days filled with training, instruction and loud orders from their military training instructors.

  • Command post: Providing vital information around the world

    Information is critical in making decisions on a daily basis; without trusted information leaders may not be able to make properly informed decisions and Airmen’s lives could be at risk. To prevent this, the Air Force relies on the Command Post.

  • Small town boy, big time dreams

    He grew up in rural Illinois; the closest town in either direction was 15 minutes away. Farm land stretched for miles on end. It was the kind of area where everyone knew each other.

  • Medical Group Re-Purposes CPR

    Communication, Professionalism and Respect are the basis for the same acronym as CPR, but that hasn’t stopped the 6th Medical Group from quickly adopting a new meaning of this deep-rooted medical term.

  • Airman grows by overcoming “every little “ting”

    "The men and women serving in the U.S. Air Force are representative of the diversity of our nation,” said Chief Master Sgt. James Cody, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force. “We value this diversity and it's one of our greatest strengths; our Airmen come together to produce an incredible team that

  • Champion finds passion in Ironmans

    His hearts thumps, almost out of his chest, as he walks up to the starting line. Hundreds of people stand eagerly awaiting the big race to begin, and his excitement leaves a pit in his stomach. He mentally prepares; shutting out the crowd, silencing his own reservations for the challenges he’s about